The traditional landline telephone was once nearly universal, with just about every home in the country having at least one, and sometimes two or three, wired phones. The days of the landline are fading fast, however, and in the 21st century, a minority of people rely on a hardwired phone for their communication needs.

That means there is a good chance your next home will not have a landline phone, or the service needed to make it work. Cutting the cord is a great way to save money and simplify your life, but before you take the plunge, you need to make sure you have a strong cellular signal throughout your new property. Hopefully, your new home will have exceptional cellular reception, and you will be able to forgo the landline once and for all. If not, here are some simple ways to improve your reception.

Add a Signal Booster

If there are weak spots in your new home, you may be able to improve reception by adding a signal booster or two. These devices do just what the name implies – boosting your cellular reception and making it easier for your calls to connect.

You may need to experiment with the signal boosters to find the right locations and the best coverage, but once these devices are in place, you should notice fewer dropped calls, a clearer signal and better overall reception. This is one of the simplest solutions to a weak cell signal, and one of the easiest to implement.

Remove Sources of Interference

Microwave ovens, radios, and other electronic devices can interfere with your cell signal and play havoc with your reception. If your calls drop when you walk by the microwave or pass by the TV, you could be experiencing this type of interference.

If you suspect interference from other electronics in the home, try relocating some of those devices and test the signal again. You may need to move a few things around, but the boost in reception will be well worth the effort and temporary inconvenience.

Invest in a New Phone

If your cell phone is more than a few years old and your reception is lousy, it may be time for an upgrade. Newer phones are designed to get better reception, and upgrading your phone could give you the boost you have been looking for.

Buying a new phone is not a guaranteed cure for poor reception, and you may still need an external signal booster to make it work. Even so, upgrading your phone can improve your cellular reception, not just at home but on the go as well.

With more than half the country relying on cell phones alone, the need for good reception has never been greater. If you are moving into a new home, it is important to test the reception and do what you can to improve and optimize the signal.

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