It does not matter if you are talking about your family home and the investment it represents or a rental property designed to bring you extra income – real estate is a major expense in terms of both time and money.

When it comes time to sell, you want to make the most of that investment, and you want to make the home you are selling as attractive to potential buyers as possible. That is where home staging comes in. Home staging can increase the value of your home by enticing more qualified buyers, speeding the sale and helping you get the most for your investment. Here are some of the ways home staging can help you sell your home.

Help the Buyer See Themselves in Your Home

When a potential buyer tours your home, they want to picture themselves and their families in that space. The right staging can make this visualization process easier, so everyone who walks through your front door can see the property in their own eyes.

This need for buyers to picture themselves in your space is why real estate pros recommend that owners remove family photographs, mementoes and other personal items. Home staging takes things one step further, creating a blank slate on which potential buyers can project themselves and their families.

Make Small Rooms Look Cozy and Large Ones More Inviting

The right staging can make a real difference, especially for odd-sized rooms. The strategic placement of furniture and a careful selection of accessories can make that tiny bathroom look charming, or that small den feel cozy.

Conversely, an abundance of attractive furnishings and accessories can make those large and imposing rooms look more open and inviting. It is all in the staging, and the right staging can make a world of difference.

Focus on the Best Qualities

Every home has great, and not so great, features. Buyers know that, but home staging is a great way to focus their eyes on the best parts of the home.

A good home stager will take a thorough tour of your home, looking for those little things that buyers crave. They will then use quality staging techniques to draw the eyes to those features, accentuating the positive while allowing the negatives to fade quietly into the background.

Before you put your home on the market, take a few minutes to see it through the eyes of a buyer. Picturing your home through the eyes of a potential buyer can make everything that follows, from setting a price to staging the rooms, easier and more effective.

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